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Makorra - Cheering Korra up
'Been working on this on and off while doing commissions >_>
Was just about to upload after 10 painful rounds of checking until I saw this…What is perspective?
Lineart is ~90% done, but I promised myself to get to bed by midnight today after almost a week of late nights (moving houses is a pain), so it’ll have to wait till tomorrow :’D
Suyin Beifong
When little projects turn into big projects….

Morning Mako
WIP: Mako - LateThought I’d “quickly” draw something up before the new season airs, but that something turned out to be a few pages long and there’s less than 7 hours before the premier, so…I’m probably not gonna make it OTLHere’s Mako coming home to Air Temple Island late at night, when Korra everyone is supposed to be asleep.…speakin of which, gotta kip. 
Korra and AsamiCommission for  toserveandtoprotect